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How to Use: The search engine may be used by one singular or a combination of any of the different optional search items. Note that once one field is utilized it will auto-populate the other fields in the search engine. 


"Current" Instructors/Coaches: Those with contact information showing are professionally current and active, and have opted to have their contact information displayed. Each "current" instructor/coaches name is hyperlinked to their individual profile page. Click on the instructor/coaches name to bring up more detailed information about that individual and to see what programs and services they offer. If contact information is not displayed, one or more items required to maintain certification has lapsed.

Inactive/Not EC Certified: Certification is an important lifetime achievement. All EC certified instructors/coaches in Alberta, are honoured in this directory. If an instructor/coach is not listed, they have not been certified by Equestrian Canada.

The Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) takes pride in all of our instructors/coaches. As such, we are not able to recommend one instructor/coach over another to individuals seeking instruction/coaching. We can however, provide educational resources to individuals on how to select the right level of instructor/coach. If you do not see your instructors/coach's name on this list, please have them get in touch with the Alberta Equestrian Federation directly.


Resources for Athletes & Parents Looking for a Certified Equestrian Instructor/Coach:



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